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Brown speckled clay dinnerware set

SKU: 000DB5

One place setting. Consists of 5 pieces (you can see the complete set shown on the first photo). What's included: One Dinner plate (10 inches in diam., 0.25 high aprox.), one Medium plate (8 inches in diam., 0.25 high aprox.), one Pasta bowl (8 inches in diam., 2 high aprox.), one small bowl (6 inches in diam., 2 high aprox.), and one Fruit plate (7 inches in diam., 0.25 high aprox.).

Dishwasher and microwave safe.

Hand built pieces with one color glaze applications on the inside, bare on the outside. 

Brown speckled clay, plain colors.  Choose the glaze color from the color options menu.The five pieces will be glazed in the same color that you chose. If you would like different colors for the different sizes/styles go to the individual pieces pages and purchase separately, or for a larger quantity contact me. These pieces are *MADE TO ORDER* 


The set of 5 pieces is $218 (Dinner plate, medium plate, pasta bowl, small bowl, fruit plate) - If you would like to purchase 4 or more place settings (of five pieces), you will get a 5% discount.


*MADE TO ORDER* Will ship within 3 to 10 weeks. Send me an email for actual times, or I will give you exact times after the order is placed.

Please Contact me for more info or any questions.

If you prefer to send an email, please do so to shopoceramics@gmail.com

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